Haunted Magazine's After Dark Anthology with Guest Editor Shaun Hutson is OUT NOW!

Legendary author Shaun Hutson, always tells it like it is this is why he rocks and we’re over the horror moon that he has decided to tell it like it is in Haunted: After Dark “Anthology”, a very special issue of the world’s most read free digital horror magazine. Over 100 pages of gruesome gore that will knock your head off, unless we chop the f**king thing off first…. ENTER THE DARKNESS

We were always going to have the Godfather of Gore Shaun Hutson take over the editorial reins but when we saw the fantastic words he had scribed for us the words “issue 9 with guest editor Shaun Hutson” just didn’t sit right. Hence the reason for a very special issue of Haunted: After Dark that we have titled “Anthology”, if you read Shaun’s editorial and epilogue and if you know anything about us you will hopefully appreciate why we have done this. #loveandblood  #freehorror

You can download the .pdf edition here

Haunted Magazine's After Dark Issue 8 Is Out Now! Let there be blood!

Haunted: After Dark is back with more blood, guts and gore. Issue 8 is a 90 plus page horror fest packed full of blood, guts and gore. We have exclusives from Dan Brownlie as he talks about his new forthcoming feature The Tombs: Rise of the Damned, an insight into author William Massa, Scream Queens: Victoria Broom, Dani Thompson, Natalia Celino, Kate Marie Davies, Jessica Ann Bonner and our very own Sabrina Dickens. Mike Smith's Screaming at a Joypad feature centres on the latest in the Silent Hill series and it was bloody scary too! One of our key features this time round is the contentious subject of Remakes. Our very own Mike Wrigley and Cyberschizoid commence battle and slug it out between them. Ultimately YOU will decide in 2 brilliantly thought provoking features.

This is our take on horror, we hope you enjoy. Our passion is horror and our passion is publishing. And here's to a happy and bloody 2015. #loveandblood  #freehorror

You can download the Desktop PDF Edition here and you can download the Tablet / Mobile edition here

ISSUE 007 OUT NOW! Download our new Desktop Edition for the full experience!!!

HORROR HAS NO RULEBOOK!!! And if it did, then we’d just make sure that we broke it. WE ARE BACK!! Horror has come home, evil has checked in next door and terror and fear are co-habiting across the street. Haunted: After Dark, the leading UK digital horror publication is back!! AND it’s FREE, no cost, no postage, no packaging and available all over the world. You click, you get, you see, you read!! Packed with the very best horror from around the globe, from every aspect of the horror genre – from classic to extreme, indie to naughty; interviews with emerging artists and seasoned legends, and our continuing quest to champion the best horror images out there from the make-up artists to models to the photographers… You can view the mag right here but our desktop version is the best way to view. For PC and Mac in PDF intended for use in Adobe Reader, for the first time we have some exclusive video content embedded for you to see. So turn down the lights, turn up the volume and strap in for the roller coaster ride that is After Dark 7.

Haunted After Dark Issue 6 - the best free online horror mag is BACK!

The latest issue of Haunted: After Dark is now available for you to view online, download to your machines or just take a nice leisurely read and browse through. If you love your horror then this is the magazine for you – it has got it all – classic and indie horror, extreme and naughty horror, interviews with movers and shakers of the horror world, horror features, horror stories and we pay tribute and due homage to horror photography, sadly neglected until now. Please feel free to share our links to anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere, post it, tweet it, pin it, like it and all the rest – thanks for your continued support!!