Installation Instructions

To run the magazine on your iPod, iPhone or iPad is an incredibly simple process and you will only need to learn it once!
You will then be able to do this with all future issues of Haunted: After Dark.

1. Click on the magazine you wish to buy in .pdf format
2. After you have purchased and downloaded your magazine, save it to your PC/Mac desktop.
3. Open iTunes with your device connected
4. Highlight the magazine on your desktop and drag it onto the iTunes Books folder on your device (see Fig.1)
5. After the magazine has uploaded click onto the Books icon on your device and select PDF. (see Fig.2)

Fig. 1
Fig. 2

VoilĂ ! The magazine is now on your device! Enjoy...

Alternatively, if you are reading this on your iPhone/iPad/iPod - 
1. Click the PDF edition button
2. Follow the PayPal instructions, when redirected to Upload 'n'sell wait for the magazine to download.
3. BE PATIENT - it will download! The magazine will open in your browser when done.
4. Press on the first page of the magazine - open in iBooks
5. The magazine will open in iBooks and is yours to keep!