Haunted: After Dark 2 is here! And so here it is, the most eagerly awaited publication since, well the last one really. Yes we’re back and here for your enjoyment is Haunted: After Dark 2. We certainly feel that it has been worth the wait and we hope that you do. Over 100 pages of the best extreme, dark, naughty horror that money can buy, and when we mean money, we mean just £2, that’s right, two pounds. We’re still banned by Apple and we do not expect this to change and WE DON’T want it to change, this is your one stop horror shop that takes a look at the dark side of horror, the colourful side of horror, the naughty side of horror and as usual its mixed together in our own fun and fresh way. A word of warning to all you under 18s reading this, this magazine is rated 18+ for a reason, if you purchase then you do so at your own risk, although I would if I was an inquisitive 16 or 17 year old!!! Our new editor Sophia Disgrace is about to welcome you into a world of the macabre, a world of talented horror photographers, extreme make-up artists and horror hottie models – hey we even got our own horror cookery section – nothing is safe from Haunted: After Dark! Strap in, strap on if you are so inclined(!) and enjoy the darkest digital magazine ride of your life.

Haunted: After Dark magazine is an online digital magazine. Our aim is to bring back alternativeism from heading into mainstream monotomy. People say alternative is the new normal. Why??? Alternative should remain alternative but should be accepted for what it is, that's the difference. Our love of the paranormal and horror saw us produce Haunted Digital Magazine, a fun and fresh take on all things scary and spooky. Whilst we were designing this we were getting a lot of interest from horror themed photographers, models and make-up artists keen to showcase their work. We didn't think that a feature on a 14 yr old ghosthunter would sit right next to a photo pictorial feature on lesbian vampires so Haunted: After Dark was born and created (fanfare please!). We are keen to put alternative and bizarre back to where it belongs and add extreme horror, blood, gore, sex, drugs and rock-n-roll into the mix. We had originally planned for this to go into Apple's iTunes Newsstand. However, they deemed the material to be too strong for their traditional content, so we have to deliver this bad baby ourselves(!), even though we state it's an over 18 magazine. It's available as a Windows PC-Flipbook or a multi-platform PDF and the trial price is just £1.99, no postage. And for Apple users disappointed at the fact that you won't be seeing this on your virtual newsstand, do not worry, as we are giving you instructions on how to install it onto your iPhone, iPad and iPod - and it's just as easy for Android owners (Dropbox - makes life so much easier).

And we're also after content, as bizarre as you want, horror, burlesque, fetish, erotica... from writers, photographers, models and make-up artists. We want to show off your work. Please do get in touch paul@hauntedmagazine.co.uk.

As we said, this magazine is suitable for R17 US and 18 in the UK. If you are not 17/18 and over - just FUCK OFF! It's not for you. If you are under that age purchasing the magazine, Haunted: After Dark has no liability for any psychological issues caused by this.

Join in the fun for the second time.. We dare you..

Paul Stevenson & Andy Soar