AD:HD - Haunted:After Dark - THE DIRECTOR’S CUT only £2.50

Why do a Director’s Cut of a magazine? The simple answer is because we can! When we crafted our first outing of Haunted: After Dark, we had the simple aim of producing a beautiful, kick-ass horror and underground magazine that simply wasn’t there in the marketplace. We did have a few problems - notably our iPad and Android distributor being unable to distribute thanks to Apple’s “responsibilities”. We were told, “Would you be happy letting your grandmother see it?”.

So we thought, “Hey, fuck it. Let’s do it ourselves”. Let’s present what we have our way. Sadly at that time, we had constraints on the file size and both our .PDF and Flipbook editions had to have the image resolution reduced to allow the file size to fit.

We no longer have those constraints.

With this in mind and having switched to the new format in Haunted Digital Magazine Issue 5, I felt the time was right to revisit some of the original shoots and features and present them in a way that due to time constraints I was never able to fully satisfy.

So here it is. ADHD - After Dark: High Definition. From my perspective, this is the After Dark that I want to see, a complete visual treat from cover to cover - a dark fantasy based on the vision and imagaination of the extremely talented photographers, models and make-up artists that genuinely don’t have outlets for this kind of material.

Finally, we have the writer and star of “The Woman” together; “Inbred”’s Alex Chandon, David Bond and Ruggero Deodato have all been a privilege to work with. So get ready to have your eyeballs licked. Again!

ANDY, Director of Haunted: ADHD

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We're on the look out for great content too, as bizarre, horror, burlesque, fetish, erotica, underground as you want... from writers, photographers, models and make-up artists. We want to show off your work. Please do get in touch

This magazine is suitable for R17 US and 18 in the UK. If you are not 17/18 and over - just FUCK OFF! It's not for you. If you are under that age purchasing the magazine, Haunted: After Dark has no liability for any psychological issues caused by this.
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