Haunted: After Dark British Horror Film Festival

So, let's just take a step back and re-cap: Haunted: After Dark #4 and Film4 FrightFest complete. September, October and November will see Haunted Digital Magazine #7, to be followed by the snappily and romantically titled Haunted Digital Magazine #8 aka the Halloween Special #2 (still with us?), to be followed by the British Horror Film festival which we are sponsoring and fully supporting on October 18th and 19th, to be followed by UFOToday in November (our new digital magazine which is about (guess) all things UFO-ey but done our own inimitable special way) and some amazing news to follow about Haunted: After Dark in the next few days. Dead Good magazines from Dead Good Publishing Ltd. Busy times! Phew - soon be Christmas!! (And let's not forget our busy Dead Good News-stand and our mission to promote small indie publishers of really top notch and dead good print magazines offering digital versions of their excellent magazines to a new worldwide and digital friendly audience) - and breathe!!!