Haunted After Dark Issue 6 - the best free online horror mag is BACK!

The latest issue of Haunted: After Dark is now available for you to view online, download to your machines or just take a nice leisurely read and browse through. If you love your horror then this is the magazine for you – it has got it all – classic and indie horror, extreme and naughty horror, interviews with movers and shakers of the horror world, horror features, horror stories and we pay tribute and due homage to horror photography, sadly neglected until now. Please feel free to share our links to anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere, post it, tweet it, pin it, like it and all the rest – thanks for your continued support!!

“Who was it who said that the best things in life are free? YES that’s right it was that sweet-sounding soul duet Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson – and you know what they’re bloody right – and that applies to horror magazines too, why pay £4 for 60-70 pages of horror when you can get 100 pages of Horror, with a capital H for free, nil, nada, zilch, zero – not a penny to pay”

WHY A FREE HORROR MAGAZINE? It’s a good question and it deserves a good answer – we know that there are people all over the world who love horror, from films to books, zombies to vampires, TV shows to comics and why shouldn’t they, the horror industry is massive and growing all the time. We started out on a horror journey a couple of years ago with a vision to produce and publish a horror magazine with a twist, the twist being that it was a 100% digital magazine and not a printed paper or a newsagent in sight – and at the time horror digital magazines were as rare as the big boobed woman surviving until the end of the horror film and we took a digital leap of faith and made our horror magazine available all over the world at the click of a button, no printer regulations, no distributor terms and conditions and no big publishing house saying “oh you can’t use the word ‘bugger’” – we were and are to this day, an independent publishing house, it’s our rules and it’s probably why Apple banned us from iTunes and their newsstands. To cut a long story short, our first four issues we’re “paid-for” issues and whilst they sold in a reasonable quantity and gained a cult following we wanted our take on horror to be seen by as many horror fans as much as possible.

In December 2013 we launched Haunted: After Dark #5, which was our first free issue, we felt that the time was right, software and hardware had improved so much in a short space of time – people were reading magazines, books and newspapers online on the go and not just sat in the dentist’s waiting room – we knew that Haunted: After Dark would be downloaded and read by horror fans and it was, oh yes it was – although we couldn’t measure the true definitive downloads of the magazine, because we encouraged you to share, post, like and tweet the magazine to all your friends, family and enemies – we can measure certain downloads and we’re so happy that Haunted: After Dark surpassed 30,000 downloads in less than 10 weeks of being available.

SO WHAT IS HAUNTED: AFTER DARK? Haunted: After Dark is a full on digital horror hamper of a magazine packed to the brim of the best horror that money doesn’t need to buy because it’s FREE and it’s not just about the latest horror films or schmoozing up to the stars – this is our take on horror and we hope that you like it – covering everything from extreme horror to classic horror, naughty horror to rude horror, indie horror to horror photography AND lots more that we guarantee no other horror magazines wouldn’t dream or dare of showing what we show - we will be cheeky at times, controversial now and then and downright naughty more often than not.

If you take a look at our past issues, #1 #2 #3 #4 and AD:HD and #5 you will see that they’re all quite unique Please feel free to share H:AD #6 to your friends, family, followers, fans, enemies and stalkers, if they love horror and/or freebies then this is the magazine for them.

You can now find us on issuu too here: issuu.com/deadgoodpublishingltd/docs/haunted-afterdark6?e=10327062/7072566

Be patient when downloading - the pdf file is around 16mb and once opened in your browser simply download it- the online edition will open up on your PC / Mac / Tablet Device in your browser window; use the navigation at the bottom of the screen to read.

If you would like to purchase a print version - please be patient - it will be sorted soon!