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HORROR HAS NO RULEBOOK!!! And if it did, then we’d just make sure that we broke it. WE ARE BACK!! Horror has come home, evil has checked in next door and terror and fear are co-habiting across the street. Haunted: After Dark, the leading UK digital horror publication is back!! AND it’s FREE, no cost, no postage, no packaging and available all over the world. You click, you get, you see, you read!! Packed with the very best horror from around the globe, from every aspect of the horror genre – from classic to extreme, indie to naughty; interviews with emerging artists and seasoned legends, and our continuing quest to champion the best horror images out there from the make-up artists to models to the photographers… You can view the mag right here but our desktop version is the best way to view. For PC and Mac in PDF intended for use in Adobe Reader, for the first time we have some exclusive video content embedded for you to see. So turn down the lights, turn up the volume and strap in for the roller coaster ride that is After Dark 7.


Our Cover star is none other than the uber talented star of "American Mary" and burlesque Queen - Little Miss Tristan Risk who gives us a brilliant, funny and frank account of what is like to be her! 
Awesome Fucked up Photography!

And for the second we couldn't resist the brilliantly talented Danielle K L Photography - cover photography and now in the process of releasing her first horror short. We cannot wait to share this with you.

Experience the birth of a legend as Adam Martyn Ewings Vicious Rascal appears in his first ever comic strip. It's not for the faint hearted! And a new shoot from fledgling horror photographer Jessie Bell.
And how about a genuine bonafide legend! Night of the Living Dead's John Russo gives us a fantastic insight into his work with Romero and some of the other lesser known projects that he has worked on.
And fascinating interviews with emerging talent...