Haunted Magazine's After Dark Issue 8 Is Out Now! Let there be blood!

Haunted: After Dark is back with more blood, guts and gore. Issue 8 is a 90 plus page horror fest packed full of blood, guts and gore. We have exclusives from Dan Brownlie as he talks about his new forthcoming feature The Tombs: Rise of the Damned, an insight into author William Massa, Scream Queens: Victoria Broom, Dani Thompson, Natalia Celino, Kate Marie Davies, Jessica Ann Bonner and our very own Sabrina Dickens. Mike Smith's Screaming at a Joypad feature centres on the latest in the Silent Hill series and it was bloody scary too! One of our key features this time round is the contentious subject of Remakes. Our very own Mike Wrigley and Cyberschizoid commence battle and slug it out between them. Ultimately YOU will decide in 2 brilliantly thought provoking features.

This is our take on horror, we hope you enjoy. Our passion is horror and our passion is publishing. And here's to a happy and bloody 2015. #loveandblood  #freehorror

You can download the Desktop PDF Edition here and you can download the Tablet / Mobile edition here