Haunted Magazine's After Dark Anthology with Guest Editor Shaun Hutson is OUT NOW!

Legendary author Shaun Hutson, always tells it like it is this is why he rocks and we’re over the horror moon that he has decided to tell it like it is in Haunted: After Dark “Anthology”, a very special issue of the world’s most read free digital horror magazine. Over 100 pages of gruesome gore that will knock your head off, unless we chop the f**king thing off first…. ENTER THE DARKNESS

We were always going to have the Godfather of Gore Shaun Hutson take over the editorial reins but when we saw the fantastic words he had scribed for us the words “issue 9 with guest editor Shaun Hutson” just didn’t sit right. Hence the reason for a very special issue of Haunted: After Dark that we have titled “Anthology”, if you read Shaun’s editorial and epilogue and if you know anything about us you will hopefully appreciate why we have done this. #loveandblood  #freehorror

You can download the .pdf edition here